Dessert Menu

Fresh Fruit Cheesecake                    9

Cream Cheese Cake with Graham Cracker Crust topped with Fresh Mixed Fruit


Chocolate Temptation Cake       9

With Chocolate Fondant Icing


Traditional Italian Rum Cake     9

Sponge cake flavored with rum and filled with alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate pastry cream


Homemade Tiramisu                      9

Espresso Drenched Lady Fingers Separated with Marscapone Cream Dusted with Cocoa Powder


Ricotta Cannoli                                     9

With Chocolate Chips & Ricotta Cheese


Homemade Key Lime Pie            10

With Graham Cracker Crust


The Harlequin Torte                    10

Vanilla sponge cake layered with fluffy white chocolate mousse, cream cheese cake and raspberries, topped with whipped cream icing


 Di Paolo’s Frozen Desserts


Dream Bomba                                      9

A Heart of Caramel Surrounded by Peanut Butter Gelato, Coated in Milk Chocolate and Decorated with Peanut Butter Drizzle


Exotic Bomba                                       9

Passion Fruit and Raspberry Sorbet, All Covered in White Chocolate and Drizzled with Chocolate


Sorbet Served in Natural Shell  9

Served in a Natural Shell – Lemon, Mango, Coconut


Limoncello Flute    9

Refreshing lemon gelato made with lemons from Sicily, swirled together with Limoncello sauce



3 Scoops of Your Choice                 9

Sicilian Pistachio

Nocciola – Hazelnut


Vanilla Bean

Sea Salt Caramel

Amarena – Cherry Vanilla